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Accumulator retraction stroke cylinders

The intelligent force

The sumptuous hydraulics in complex machines is greatly reduced by the application of  accumulator retraction stroke cylinders.

When using BÜTER®- accumulator retraction stroke cylinders 50% of the otherwise required valves are no longer required, which also saves 50% of the installation costs!

hydraulikzylinder/speicherruec ... ER Speicherdruckzylinder)

  • No loss of pressure with the integrated automatic refill valve, even after years of use.

  • A computer controlled filling station sets the exact retraction stroke force.

    In the following cases the use of accumulator retraction stroke cylinders with bellows or membrane accumulator has the following advantages:

  • in narrow set-ups, where the mechanical spring cannot be used based on safety grounds and too small spring force.

  • where the accumulator serves as overload safety and damping.

For over 25 years builders in agricultural engineering and builders in the automotive industry  have known the advantages of BÜTER®- accumulator retraction stroke cylinders. 

Functioning of the accumulator retraction stroke cylinders:

When the piston rod travels out this results in a pressure steering of the hydraulic cylinder via a connection line at the piston side . At the same time the accumulator on the ring piston side is filled with mineral oil. In final position (piston rod fully extracted)  there is an equalisation of pressure between the piston side and the accumulator on the ring piston side via a valve in the piston. The accumulator will only travel back when the pressure on the piston rod side is relieved.