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Hydraulic Cylinders

The intelligent force

The construction of increasingly complex machines requires equally complex hydraulics. Here inno-
vative solutions are necessary taking into account all specifications modern industry requires of these cylinders. For decades BÜTER® hydraulic cylinders have already been used in all branches of  engineering, automotive industry and machines, so everywhere where loads are being moved and lifted. The new generation of hydraulic screw cylinders is ready for the future because of its high precision finishing. Make yourself acquainted with the technical details and use our service and download the corresponding CAD files of the hydraulic cylinders in DXF format.

Our technical request form helps you to make a purposeful application.

Invisible helpers

  • Accumulator retraction stroke cylinders: A consequent investigation into practical solutions resulted in that each Büter - Accumulator retraction stroke cylinder is fitted with an integrated automatic refill valve, which ensures the required retraction force, even after being used for many years.
  • Hydraulic cylinders with position detection: A great success are also  BÜTER® -  Hydraulic cylinders with the most modern sensor technology. These cylinders are even more price-competitive and save more space compared to other known mechanical solutions.
  • Pull cylinder: A patented air exchange lock enables a free running piston movement and an adequately  tighter closing of the piston room around  the cylinder bottom.